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05:35pm 09/11/2015
I lost a good man today. Or more appropriately a child.

A few years ago I met someone through mutual friends who was just like me, in male form.
We would spend hours drinking, playing videogames, and just talking.
He also had body image issues, and we were actually the same weight at the same time. So we tried achieving health goals together.

Then he fell in love with a succubus, that at the time I also considered to be a friend. We tried including her more in things.
It was good for a short time, until she constantly disrespected two of the people I care for most, that he also happens to care for.
He thought everything would be fine if he could keep his lives separate.
Over time her narcissistic nature became obvious, so I kindly told her that I didn't want to hang out anymore. I simply thought there was more to life than bitching in Starbucks.

She didn't like that and added me to the numerous names on her shit-list. But I didn't feel guilty.

After this, I was unsure how to talk to him, with me no longer speaking to his girl and all. But the three of us kept at it, because we cared for him, and above all wanted to help him.

When I reconnected with him, she claimed that I wanted to fuck him....
People always assume I'm out to steal their man. Why I don't know. Maybe I have a flirtatious nature? Or it's these goddamn legs of mine, right?

Anyway, we convinced him otherwise.

We hung out one last time before I moved. He gave me gifts and destroyed everyone at Munchkin (despite only playing for the first time).
It was perfect.

After I left, I planned to see him when I returned. Still, my two best friends played games with him online and teased each other.

Two days ago, they had a conversation that didn't end well.
Apparently, he had succumbed to her wishes and decided to cut everyone off. Afterall, is a snap decision better than gradual drifting?

On this I disagree. This is the person I was going to walk down the aisle with at our best friends wedding.

We have been defending his stupid actions for years and would have continued to do so.

My best friend was crying yesterday and I was too far away to help him.

So enjoy the bitch. Does she know of his porn addiction? I wonder.

The only action taken is de-friending him. Because I know what loyalty means, unlike him.

All I can do for now is go back to Borderlands and pretend these skags I'm incinerating are him.
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(no subject)  
02:54am 06/04/2014
Im completely done with Justin.
I'm pretty sure he's a sociopath.

yay for 3 AM posts
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High School  
05:46am 21/03/2014
I love working at the high school, but it's wearing me down.
Since I've been there I've lost 10 pounds accidentally, changing my eating/sleeping habits etc. Yesterday I was so dizzy that I nearly fell out of my chair, and couldn't look down. When I was at the nurses office, the older nurse looked at me and said "You've recovered well for an eating disorder". Apparently her daughter is my height and she could tell.
I could've gotten dizzy from something going around at the school, or tiredness, or pretty much anything. Until I find out, I'm trying to add more protein in my diet, so hopefully that helps.
I should get back to getting ready for the day now guh
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A post  
12:17pm 21/01/2014
It's blizzarding at lovely Monmouth University today, so my 7 hour student teaching training was reduced to 30 minutes. I'm supposed to begin at Middletown HS South tomorrow so hopefully that goes well. My teacher wanted me to submit a short bio on myself to show the students, so I basically put clubs from Howell High, and that spare time is spent on videogames, netflix, and fantasy books (talking about myself to people I don't know indirectly? Hopefully that's what they wanted!)
Anthony's roommate Brad from last semester got kicked out of school (yay) so I'll probably be spending a lot of time with his new roommate Danny (6 foot 4 Jamaican trackstar/pokemon fanboy). He seems super nice.
I guess I should unpack stuff now.
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Haven't posted since who knows when  
10:40pm 15/11/2013
What to say?
I can't believe how quickly time goes. Only a few weeks left for my last semester of classes at Monmouth.
I've been feeling extremely tired again recently, but oh well.
Ben visited Dad in Texas earlier this week for some kind of conference, so I watched Romeo. He slept on my bed every night :)
Although Cynthia and I haven't made our final decision yet, it looks like we will probably be staying in Maplewood next semester. Things with those girls are good.
Tomorrow there's gonna be free pancakes and a showing of Kick Ass 2 <3
Dats it.
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There are no words for this nonsense  
01:11am 04/08/2013
I love most people in my family, especially my Aunt Jean who came down to visit this weekend. But some people are undeserving of my love.
During the barbeque today, Uncle Frank mentioned Arianna wanting to get a specific tattoo. Good for her :) If thats how she wants to express herself great (granted having one on your wrist and wanting to teach elementary school will result in long sleeves everyday in most districts). Arianna didnt want to tell me because of what aunt carmela said about mine when i got it ("Youre mother would hate it etc.)
So shes fine with scheduling a tattoo appt. for arianna in a difficult to hide spot, but mine was unthinkable?
I was tempted to confront aunt carmela with the theory that if her opinion on tattoos has changed, she should apologize to me, but decided against it because the last time i tried that, it ended in me walking away in tears and wishing I could fly away from all the bullshit (until Christopher found me).

Fun repressed memory came back today: My aunt kathy, aunt jean, and marlene (mom and debbis friend since high school) had to prevent my aunt carmela from coming into my house when my mother was dying because my mom didnt want her there. wonder why that was...

I feel bad for my brother. Can't have been easy attending your mothers wake on your 18th birthday.
mood: pissed offpissed off
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May 2013  
10:34am 21/05/2013
Hey guys,
I dont know if anyone still goes on here, as the only posts on my friends page are lj updates :P
in any case, I haven't written since january, so here's some updates.
The spring semester ended well. I was hoping to bring up my math grades a little more, but overall, everything academic wise was pretty decent. Living situation-wise, shit got a little crazy, but it's over now XDAat the end of it, cynthia, andthony and I are solid (no surprise there), and I might bump into kim or britt again, who knows (and klaudia and dani have been erased from any social network).
I have 2 jobs this summer, one of which im currently at (oops :P) and the other officially begins next week.
I've been at Corbins place alot recently, and we're flying through Game of Thrones (get it? because dragons? djhtekjrhglwgh)
Next year ill be taking 5 classes in the fall (instead of 6 :D) and student teaching in the spring.
So, dad has to move to texas for at least a year, starting in september. Debbie is probably going with him. Ben is looking to obtain an apprenticeship in Manhattan and wants to move to Brooklyn. I can't legally bring Romeo with me to the apartments so i have to give him back to barbara :( I hope I can get him back once I graduate...
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Spring Semester Schedule  
03:51pm 18/01/2013
So I have 3 math classes, 3 cultural classes, and am working for 15 hours at least (amounting to no more than gas and some food money)
Don is planning on visiting pretty damn frequently (ever Friday into Saturday?) so that should be an adventure.
Corbin's moving to Marlboro meaning I'm saving gas money from having to drive to Hoboken and back most weekends.
Let's hope for a good 15 weeks (starting this Tuesday :P)
Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 3.47.14 PM
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Living with girls  
02:25am 01/10/2012
Why complain of something sitting in the sink for 3 days if you cant verify it? I use the same bowl and cup everyday and wash them everyday so it might look like it was there when you left and came back, but really?
And how is having too much food in the fridge a bad thing? Nothing is rotten or avalanching out and theres still more space for stuff. Excuse me while I throw your dozens of lean cuisine frozen dinners out the window.
Neat freaks drive me up the wall. For an oncampus apartment, we keep it pretty freaking nice.
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Week 1  
04:52pm 03/09/2012
This apartment is actually really nice. The only thing that would make it better is maybe 1 more shower(1 for 7 girls XD), a gas stove(damn electric) and a balcony(if only). There's plenty of storage space and just space in general :)
Last night I went over Anthony's place for some Super Nintendo. The house he's renting is weird architecture, and I love it. His roommate is Jesse, who's sortof friends with Corbin's roommate so I already know he and Anthony will be fine :)
I can't wait for class to start tomorrow, though I'm sure I'll be saying the opposite next week.
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